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“Having used many direct dyes in the past, some well known and others not so much, I found I was always looking for something that wasn't being offered until I tried Manic Panic. Not only did I get longevity but I got an indelible range of colours also! My clients noticed instantly the difference. Then shortly after came Manic Panic Professional and my dreams came true! My clients love Manic Panic almost as much as I do, they love that I can give them such bespoke colours and with the colour lines being able to be mixed with each other the colour options are endless!" - Stephen Austin - MPP Brand Ambassador

“I’m in awe of you both—because of what you lived and where you’ve been,” Mary told Tish and Snooky both onstage. “Manic Panic is not just a company where you said, ‘let’s go make this line or that.’ Instead, you’ve been authentically living this for 40 years, and I feel really confident in saying that you created this moment of fashion haircolor—you started it.” - Mary Rector-Gable from BTC

"Smoke Screen and the Pro Pastelizer are the perfect tools for the perfect silver. I love the new color swatches, they make it easier for customers to play around with. The Pro Line is very conditioning, lasts longer than the classic line and even covers naturally gray hair! My clients have been very happy!!” - Ayumi, House of Ayumi

"When Manic Panic announced that they were releasing a professional line geared towards stylists, I was elated! Finally a product line created for me to use exclusively behind the chair. This is a game changing product line. I love the versatility and the ease of application with the gel consistency and my clients are loving the results. Thank you, Tish and Snooky! This was well worth the wait" - Bianca Rose, Stylist

"When I got my hands on the new Manic Panic Pro line the fantasy color game was changed! The gel base is incredible!! Blending my colors now is effortless and a dream! I never have to worry about dry pockets in my color, and the fact i can apply it on damp hair saves so much time! Manic Panic was the reason i even started loving doing hair as a teen so i was beyond excited when they made a professional line too!  Thank you Manic Panic!!" - Megan Chiles, Stylist

“All over my hometown people are like "OMG its the guy with the blue hair, that color is so amazing whats the color?" I tell them and they are like "WOW thats so cool! I love Manic Panic!" "I had a waitress at a restaurant come up to me and go "I follow you on IG, I absolutely love your work and I just love your blue haircolor!" Blue Bayou is my color lol! Seriously I've been labeled Blue Boy haha.” - David Rink, Stylist

“The Manic Panic Professional line is definitely a game changer for my color work. The gel makes for perfect color melting and ease of application. I absolutely love how versatile the color is, giving me a broader spectrum for creative color. Everyone at the company is wonderful, very friendly and helpful. The Manic Panic community feels more like a second family than a color/cosmetic company. ” - Rachel Johnson - Stylist

“Manic Panic Professional is an absolutely brilliant evolution of color now available to create mesmerizing measures of creativity spanning the depths of the surreal to the ease of the organic in nature looks an ARTIST can create. You must understand tonal value, you must have an artist’s eye to use our color, you must WANT to push your art further!” - One on one with Alix Maya

"I love the new Manic Panic Pro Line! The gel consistency gives a smooth, even and shiny finish. The colors blend together and make the perfect color melt. Clients love the long lasting finish! " - Sammy Canavan -- Stylist

“Manic Panic Professional gives the freedom to paint and think outside of the box. Application is the artist's choice” - Sharon Sopes - Stylist

"These colors, although not technically listed as a neon color are so bright they act like [as though they are]," says Clymer. "I believe the translucency of this gel color is also responsible for its insane intensity, illuminating the hair cuticle from within, showcasing immense shine and clarity of vibrancy. It's truly the combination of all of these elements that create this final look." - Alix Maya- Allure - Highlighter Highlights

"The new Manic Panic Pro Line has been a pleasure to work with. The gel formula makes for easier distribution and no foils are needed! These colors last longer and can be mixed to create an endless rainbow of options. Its a great addition to the Classic and Amplified collections." - Olive, Color Asylum Salon, NYC -- Stylist

“I have used Manic Panic sooo much!! I recently done Kate Pierson and she GLOWS about your professional line.” - Daniel Koye

“Manic Panic started the direct dye love affair so many of us are married to today! Their colors have always been the brightest, the most pigmented and the MOST SHOCKING! They truly are the leaders of the COLOR REBELLION and I'm honored to lead that rebellion with my fellow UNICORNS OF THE UNIVERSE! “ - One on one with Alix Maya

"I have loved manic panic forever! I’m so excited that you have an exclusive line for professionals!” - Pamella HF, Stylist

"My experience with the new professional line has been amazing! Great shine, hair feels soft, the color lasts longer and the best thing it’s only for professionals!" - Lucy Gonzalez, Stylist 

“I just did a refresh over grown out color...I took very imperfect horizontal panels and colormelted each panel in diffferent tones. I used every color in it's pure form and it was over some existing faded tones so I got many tones in each shade. I used Bayou Blue, Celestine Blue, Violet Velvet, Blue Velvet,  and Love Power Purple. never in my career have I ever used a direct dye that is shinier! And it's so vibrant!  I'm absolutely in love with the results and can't wait to use again... “ - Jessica Stotts, stylist Workshop Salon

“This gel based semi-permanent translucent color is vibrant yet looks like the hair is supposed to be PUSSYCAT PINK by birth! This effect is how magic is created! I do believe an ARTIST IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THEIR TOOLS and this tool will bring out the very best in each hairstylist that picks it up to paint with! Manic Panic Professional is the evolution of color and I'm waving my flag for everyone to come home to the ones that started it all!” - One on one with Alix Maya

“This paint is different. The fact that there is an opaque paint and a translucent paint that is still vibrant, it’s crazy. This paint is doing stuff that I’ve never seen direct dye do—it’s like magic.” - Alix Maya - BTC- Kinetic Painting technique Eclipse wig

"We simply don't have the words to thank you for all you did for Beauty Bus!! Saturday was magical - we hope it was all you wanted and that you felt the love and adoration in the room!!! The money keeps rolling in...and probably will for the next week so we do not yet have final numbers, but we can tell you that it was a VERY successful year and we are so pleased and grateful!! With huge hugs and thanks!!" - Wendy Marantz Levine  - Founder, Beauty Bus Foundation

"Bongiorno from Australia ! I just wanted to send an email to say how gratetful I am for the time in Bologna and thank you so much for having me on board. I feel like it was such a great dynamic with everyone, and we all worked so well together, it was a great vibe all round and a such a pleasant experience! I really appreciate everything from your end - from flying me there and accommodating us - also thanks for taking us out (and getting vegan friendly lunches everyday too - Thank you!) You’re such wonderful people and this weekend has shown me (and I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone) even more in depth of how incredible you guys are as people, and how proud I am to support your brand which you created and continue to live by truly - you should be very proud !  I feel blessed to be a Manic Panic professional artist in alignment with the values of the brand, as well as supported in the creativity for Rainbow Roadtrip and other opportunities with you guys like Bologna ! Grazie !  
I loved the world summit, that was great and coming together as one to brainstorm and check in with what Manic Panic is all about, the more I learn and know the more I love everything about it and everyone that's involved! There is a strong sense of truth with you guys which really shows in your presence and your success, Its much appreciated and I really wanted to acknowledge that.
It was also so nice to meet the distributors around the world as well as meet everyone from NYC office and the UK too! 
Here is to continuing the color rebellion for many years to come and MANIC PANIC leading the way when it comes to Arcabaleno Hair colouring! 
Lots of lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve xxx" - Mykey O'Halloran - Pro Brand Ambassador