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stay tuned.....more to come!

Stylist: ALIX MAYA CLYMER, Manic Panic Professional Global Artistic Director

black orange frida kahlo hairblack orange frida kahlo hairblack orange frida kahlo hair

black orange frida kahlo hairblack orange frida kahlo hairblack orange frida kahlo hair

A Kinetic Art Ode to Frida Kahlo inspired by Tish
Colors Used: Serpentine Green, Celestine Blue, Red Velvet, Pussycat Pink, Solar Yellow (purples and oranges appear due to the mixing that occurred during application.)

pink yellow turquoise purple hairpink yellow turquoise purple hair

Alix herself with model

orange yellow pink hair

orange yellow pink hairorange yellow pink hair

Colors used: Violet Velvet, Solar Yellow, Red Velvet, Pussycat Pink

rainbow natural hairrainbow natural hairrainbow natural hair

Colors Used: Love Power Purple, Pussycat Pink, Solar Yellow, Red Velvet, Celestine Blue, Serpentine Green mixed with Manic Panic Classic formula hair colors
Green Envy, Electric Banana, and Atomic Turquoise.

pink violet hairpink violet hairpink violet hairC

Colors used: Pussycat Pink, Violet Velvet, Smoke Screen

silver blond hairsilver hairsilver hairC

Colors used: Smoke Screen

red white blue hairred white blue hair braidred white blue hair braid
Colors used:  Pussycat Pink, Red Velvet, Blue Bayou, Pro-Pastel-izer ( with some Classic Virgin Snow white toner)

Colors used: Pussycat Pink, Serpentine Green, Solar Yellow, Violet Velvet, Blue Bayou

pink orange hairpink orange hairpink orange hair
Colors used: Red Velvet, Pussycat Pink, Solar Yellow and Pro Pastel-izer

Blue hair blendBlue hair blendBlue hair blend
Colors used: Blue Velvet, Celestine Blue plus Classic formulas Atomic Turquoise, Rockabilly Blue, Voodoo Blue, After Midnight

purple blond hair manic panic professional
Colors used: Love Power Purple, Smokescreen, Pro Pastel-izer, Violet Velvet


Colors used: Celestine Blue, Pussycat Pink, Solar Yellow, Violet Velvet, Divine Wine,