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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pre-lighten hair before applying Manic Panic® Professional Hair Colors?

Pre-lightening hair is recommended to yield ultimate vibrancy. Some Manic Panic® Professional Hair Colors can be applied to a natural level base to yield a subtle, rich toned color deposit.

Recommended Pre-Lightening Guide



Blue Velvet, Celestine Blue, Serpentine Green, Smoke Screen™, Solar Yellow

Level 9 & lighter (light pale yellow undertone visible)

Blue Bayou, Divine Wine , Love Power Purple, Pussycat Pink, Red Velvet, Velvet Violet 

Level 8 & lighter (yellow undertone visible)


How is Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color applied?

Prep the hair by washing with a clarifying shampoo. This prepares the hair inside and out by de-mineralizing and removing the buildup of products. Do not apply conditioner or styling aids.

Rinse hair well and towel dry. Hair should be damp for application. Apply color blocker to the hairline.

* Measure the desired amount of Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color into your color bowl and either using your color brush or a color whisk, mix the color thoroughly to ensure all dye molecules are distributed evenly

Apply color with a tint brush. Saturate the hair completely for even deposit of the hair color. Use gloves or brush to blend into the hair. *Wear gloves to avoid staining

Process for 15-30 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with cool/tepid water until water runs clear. Rinse different colors separately. Do not shampoo.

Finish color service by applying Manic Panic® Pastel-izer™ or conditioner and rinse again with cool/tepid water.


Can Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color be processed with heat?

Yes, but we do recommend you completely cool the hair before rinsing in cool/tepid water.


How long will the Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color last?

Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color lasts 40+ shampoos depending on the texture, porosity, maintenance and overall condition of the hair.


All hair color fades, but Manic Panic® Professional fades true to tone. Lighter shades may fade faster than darker shades due to levels of pigment.



What is recommended to achieve color longevity?

Wash hair with a color safe, sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner

Use hair products free of oils and alcohol

Style hair with low heat when using styling tools (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.)

Use a heat protecting product

Minimize frequency of shampooing

Avoid salt water, chlorinated water, and well water

Avoid spa services requiring your hair be submerged (i.e. float spa pods)


Are Manic Panic® Professional Hair Colors intermixable?

Manic Panic® Professional Hair Colors are all intermixable to create an endless color palette.


What is Manic Panic® Professional Pro Pastel-izer?

Manic Panic® Pro Pastel-izer™ can be used to dilute and mix custom shades, creating a vast array of pastel colors and softer tones or use as a clear shine & color lock treatment. Our gentle acidic formula closes the cuticle and locks in hair color while leaving a smooth, moisturized, and shiny surface.


What is Manic Panic® Professional Smoke Screen?

Smoke Screen™ is a slate gray color that can be used alone to create a deep, rich gray color. Smoke Screen™ can also be mixed with any Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color to create custom smoky tones. Smoke Screen™ must be applied to a toned base with no yellow. Any yellow undertones could create an altered result.


What is the shelf life of Manic Panic® Professional Gel Hair Color?

The shelf life of the product unopened and stored in a cool, dry place is 36 months. After the product is opened it should be used within 12 months.


Are any of the shades UV reactive?

Yes. Pussycat™ Pink , Red Velvet™, Blue Bayou™, and Velvet Violet™ all GLOW under black light!


Where can I buy Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color?

You can purchase Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color right here on our website. Or see the bottom of this page to contact us regarding locating a distributor in your area.


Who can purchase Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color?

You must be a licensed professional (barber or cosmetologist) or student in order to purchase Manic Panic® Professional Hair Color.


Do you provide education?

Manic Panic® Professional attends industry trade shows, offers online webinars, video tutorials, and  in-salon classes, as well as providing links on our professional website with step-by-step techniques.


How do I become an educator for Manic Panic®?

Please forward your resume, copy of your license, and portfolio to: education.sales@manicpanic.com.


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